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[trans]{K-BOY paradise vol,12} <<Minhyun&Baekho interview>> 


Q,What kind of artist do you produce if you guys produce each other as a solo artist?
B:I know that Minhyun likes sweet ballad. But I want him to sing upbeat song.
M:I want Baekho to sing a hip hop song which he likes. Because he is main vocal. He usually sings melody part, but I…
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MSSKYUNG417's New Design! 


Hello Kyungies!

How are you doing? These day I was a little busy because I wanted change the design blog. It’s super important for me give the best in the blog. I like when I can give happiness to other.

I will keep up giving update about our ballad prince. I’m so glad because finally the…

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Heechul and Kangin putting on Seojoon’s clothes (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Oh my fucking God…

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ren as minah
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This is insanely useful!

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"it can recharge your energy"
Joowon & Sikyung fanart
((inspired by 1박2일 season2 ㅎㅎ))

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When Leeteuk says Siwon only wants skinship

“hmhmhm bout to drink me some wa- hOW COULD YOU ACCUSE ME OF SUCH A THING.”

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celebrating flawless jung-leadersshi! \(^O^)/

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Sikyung - Joowon on 2days 1night
((i ship theeemmmm so much ;;;;))